Tours personalitzats

Traslladi’ns la idea o objectiu que vol aconseguir amb la visita guiada amb el nostre arquitecte guia . Depenent de la ciutat on viatgi, prepararem una ruta a la seva mesura, segons el temps disponible per a la visita guiada d’arquitectura o disseny.

Si és del seu interès, concertarem visites interiors a edificis públics i/o privats on, normalment, algú viatjant pel seu compte no podria accedir sense l’acompanyament de Artchitectours.

Els nostres itineraris, tours personalitzats i visites guiades d’arquitectura i disseny estan meticulosament planejades per a adaptar-se a cada grup en particular, des de l’assignació del guia arquitecte apropiat, fins a les parades de descans, el tipus de transport, etc…

Com a agència de viatges oferim restaurants, transport, entrades, extres, hotels, etc… per a fer de la seva visita guiada una experiència completa en tots els sentits.

Suport a Concursos d’arquitectura

Si està planejant organitzar un concurs d’arquitectura, una bona idea és explorar i estudiar el camp i els temes rellevants implicats durant els treballs preparatoris. Contacti amb nosaltres i li donarem suport.


We had a very nice tour with Professor Fonseca. In addition to the architectural and art information, we especially enjoyed his description of life at UNAM and are grateful for the unexpected visit to the Espacio Escultórico.

Arch. Laurence Nolan. San Francisco.


It was really good Marta,

I think Bianca was a bit surprised I wanted to see Navas social housing rather than Gaudi! Esther giving us a full tour was a huge bonus!

Bianca was going to send me some information on social housing, perhaps you could remind her? And thank her for such a good tour please.

With kind regards, Mike

Michael Waddington RIBA FCSD , Director | Chartered Architect, For Waddington Architects


I hope everything is fine in Spain,

I write you in order to thank you for the great tour we had in Sevilla! Gonzalo was a very good guide who tailored the tour according to our needs and interests! We would like to send to him a mail as final thank you  but I lost his mail address…may I ask you to send it to us in order to contact him?

Thank you in advance for your time, have a nice day!

Best Regards

Vittoria Lomazzi, International Tourism Master Student Faculty of Economics USI Lugano (CH)


Was great, the team really liked the visit to the O.L. Lyon Stadium.

So to do it again!

So maybe see you soon !


Owens Corning


The group very much enjoyed the wonderful and informative tour with Nuria.I would also like to say thank you very much for all the help and advice you gave me during our email communications.
I have attached a photo, hope Nuria gets to see it.
And finally a message from the group, they will all be coming back to Barcelona for another visit.
Kind regards and many thanks.

Teresa Heart, USA


We were very pleased with the tour! As we are used to all kinds of weather the rain did not bother us much. We were very happy with both the intended visits and with the improvised ones.
Thank you!
Do you have an address to your office? We would like to send Carmen a book from our office as a thank you.
Kind regards

Arkitekt MNAL Skibnes Arkitekter AS. Norway


Dear team:

The tour was excellent. Josei is very knowledgable and lots of fun to boot. His English is excellent. We hit it off immediately.
I learned a great deal from him about the history of modern architecture in Sao Paulo. The selection of buildings was excellent. My favorites were Bo Bardi’s SESC Pompeia and Casa do Vidro. Her Teatro Oficina was interesting, but the real story there is the acting company and its unusual approach to theatre.
The transport arrangements were fine. The car on Saturday was spacious and luxurious: it could have accommodated two more people if necessary. I enjoyed the subway which was itself part of the tour.
As I warned you, the program for Sunday was too full and we could not see everything on the list. As it was, the tour took over 5 hours, including a brief stop for lunch. However, I saw almost everything I really wanted to. And at least in the case of the Pinoteca, which we had to skip, I can easily return on my own some day.
Thanks for a great experience. I would recommend your company to anyone looking for an architecture tour and Josei to anyone interested in Sao Paulo. My only reservation would be cost: the fee is pretty high for one person but OK for a small group of 3-4.
I was serious about a possible trip to Barcelona and will contact you if I manage to find a way to get there.

Voss-Bascom Professor of Law and Dean of International Studies Emeritus, UW-Madison Senior Research Fellow, Harvard Law School CLP


Vielen Dank für die Nachfrage – die Tour mit Nuria war SUPER! Wir sind beide sehr begeistert und werden Artchitectours sehr gerne weiterempfehlen!
Könnten Sie bitte mal bei Nuria nachfragen – sie wollte uns noch Unterlagen senden.
Vielen Dank!

Monika Jordi, Freundliche Grüsse


Thank you very much for the great images! I can use them for my presentation to the office. I also intend to write a report on our website but that will take some time as I will have to make up for the worktime I “lost” om my trip.

The day after our excursion i rented a car and went to the University as you advised and I think iT was great! I also saw the cultural centre near the bridge (from a Bank?), severel Quadras in the north, went over the bridge, saw Some cul the sac Housing on the other side of the bridge, tried to swim near some clubs near the other bridge, went back to the quadra you showed me, tried to get in the theater but this was closed,  went up tv tower and to a fair behind it. A busy day.

Thank for your your nice tour and great company,

All the best,

Met vriendelijke groet Architecture studio Netherlands


We were a group of colleagues interested in a tour which focused on the architectural side of Valencia. It was a pleasure preparing it: easy to get information about what was possible (we had a specific start and end point and a list of must-sees along the way) and good and clear communication. Our guide Núria was very good as well: very well prepared and informed, advanced level of English, happy to answer questions,…Elke Lingier, Belgium

Elke Lingier, Belgium, PROCOS cvba


I hope you’re well.
Everything was great, our staff loved the tours.
Received really good feedback from everyone, so thank you so much for organizing everything!
Yes, sorry about that. I was on a bus tour and needed to contact the organizer about where to collect the tickets from but mistakenly called you instead of her as I was checking emails for numbers.
Nevertheless we all had a lovely time.

Thank you for all your help! 🙂

Incentive trip London HTA U.K.


Dear Artchitectours team,
Thank you for organising such brilliant tours. Everybody who attended thoroughly enjoyed it, we received great feedback, so thank you.Do let us know if you are ever in London and would like to come and visit the office.

Best wishes

Rogers Stirk, Harbour + Partners


Fueron dos jornadas intensas, con diversas obras: museos, monumentos y viviendas oficiales acompañado por una arquitecta que no dejó nada librado al azar a pesar de las lejanía de las obras entre si.
Adecuó los destinos al transporte público y fue posible en tiempo y realizamos la totalidad de los objetivo, con preparación: plantas y corte y interiores en la tablet y el edificio adenanet nuestro.
Se cumplieron la totalidad de las expectativas a pesar de algunas lluvias que no impidieron el recorrido
Saludo y gracias

Arquitecto de Chile


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